Zulu baskets







Traditional Ilala Palm Zulu baskets with lid - ukhambas
Ilala Palm Woven Items
This centuries old tradition of weaving has survived time, modernisation, changes in lifestyle and wars. Very skilful weavers, mostly from around Hlabisa and Nongoma in KwaZulu Natal, continue weaving containers for a range of uses, in the same way they used to for many hundreds of years. The shapes and colours vary, and the dyes are all made from natural agents: bark, leaves, roots and flowers. The baskets are woven from any of the following plants: Umwaba, Ukhasi, Uhwani, Ncema grass and Ilala Palm. Our range is mainly Ilala palm and is made according to the old traditional ways. The uses for the baskets vary: storage of grains, beer, making strainers and serving food. Today, these attractive woven baskets have become extremely sought-after décor items.

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