Sculpture - Miniature

Miniature - Sculptures by Tania Babb, 2011. Gennemsnitshøjde ca. 10cm. Porcelæn-lertøj

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1: Adam, Eve and Child

2: Lady, Cat and Dog

3: Lady on Rhino

4: Mother and Child

5: Lady on Whale

6: Lady on Hippo

7: Mother and Child

These are small porcelain sculptures mounted on a block of Zimbabwe Black Granite. They are my best sellers, because they are small, transportable, affordable, individually made pieces of art, and encapsulate the essence of my visual language. Each piece is hand made and therefore no two are alike.

It was only after I opened my own retail store and was able to interact with the people who buy and collect my work that I realised that the majority of the miniatures are bought as gifts. Call them celebratory sculptures, if you wish. Is there a better way of celebrating a relationship, marking an initiation of sorts, or solidifying events and milestones in peoples lives, than through a gift of a small but meaningful piece of art?

Adam and Eve won a Purchasers Award at the 2005 Orton Cone Awards in the USA, and went on a year's tour of galleries and museums with other winning pieces (Tanja Babb)

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