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Buckets for every purpose. Free from Phtalats. Japanese design

Myriad of uses as you like

At first glance, one may think these buckets look perfectly commonplace, when in fact they offer unlimited possibilities for use. They're designed to resemble corrugated cardboard, and their stylish coloring makes them great interior décor pieces. Thanks to their lids, they also make simple stools and can support up to 150 kg of weight. As examples of use, you can fill them with children's toys, put on the lids, and then stack them up, keeping everything neat and tidy. In the kitchen, they can be used to hold vegetables, store rice, or sort garbage. They can be used as laundry hampers or wash pails for cleaning. In the garden, they can be used for holding dirt or compost, or for storing gardening tools. They are very useful for outdoor recreation — for packing things in to take to the beach, mountains, or river; for storing tools; or for sitting on. When you're washing the car, they can be used to hold tools, as a stepping stool, or for sitting on, and the handle has a hole through which a hose can be run. It's designed to prevent the hose from coming out due to water pressure. These extremely versatile buckets have been cherished by so many people since their introduction in 1993 and the recipient of the LONG LIFE DESIGN AWARD in 2010.


Material:Polypropylene (Container, Lid and Handle), Polyethylene (Ring)
VolumeS8 Liters / L10 Liters / LL20 Liters
Product Weight: S730g / L825g / LL1170g
Weight Capacity: 150kg
Heat Tolerance: 120℃
Cold Tolerance:-20℃
Note:The color of the lid matches the handle, and the colour of the bucket matches the ring (the hose hole).
Choose size and write your wanted colour later under ordering/comments
Colours to choose





Green (lime)+




Cafe au lait




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